Buttoned Head Bands For PPE Face Masks

The world is currently facing a fight it has never faced before. Those on the front line are our wonderful NHS workers, key workers and essential workers.
One resounding problem is PPE face masks cutting into the back of their ears. This PPE must be worn, but at continual suffering of those working to serve the rest of us.
So I have made these, Non Profit, to do a little something to support our workers. The elastic of the PPE face masks sit on the buttons, instead of the ears, to relieve pain and discomfort. All head bands can be hot washed too (please wear in guidance with your local hospital/work rules around PPE) . And, once this is over, the buttons can be removed so you can wear the head band as a normal stylish head band!

Buying to donate to a hard worker you know? You can add a thank you note! Just enter your note into the comments bar at checkout, along with the address you want it posted too.
Comes in 3 sizes: Small, Medium and Large. Please use the contact form below if you require any assistance.  

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