Black Galaxy Wired Hair Tie

Black Galaxy Wired Hair Tie


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The wire is Trudy's Boutique's own creation! And specifically designed to endure years or wear and tear, treated so it doesn't rust and can be washed. The wire is sewn into its on little sleeve on one side to act like a hair grip. The wire is worn at the base of the neck to hold the hair tie in place, you bring the wire up to the top of the head and instead of a double knot you just simply twist the wire! Then bend the wire into any desired shape and go about your day looking fierce and fabulous.

Can be worn in any hair type - Long, Short, or even none at all! 
Trudy's Boutique hair ties were originally made for women who had lost their hair during chemotherapy treatment.
Can also be used by children. Normally we sell to children 2 years and above, but we have had younger! If the ends come up a bit long on the childs head, just simply twist the wire until desired length is met, or you can bend in to create a mini bow. Examples can be found on our gallery. 

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